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This blog is about asking questions and providing up-to-date research on medical conditions that are of particular interest to women ~ Yes, the focus is on women.

The underlying questions are these: What if the diagnosis isn’t this? What happens when a patient’s symptoms become a keyword for one perspective? For chronic or new onset of symptoms in adult women, are we as informed as we can and should be? Can we help and partner with our medical providers in considering all possibilities?

Patients can contribute to their healthcare decision-making process by listening, learning, and understanding basic information and current research findings. This blog encourages open discussion between patients, professional healthcare givers, and researchers as an aide to discovering options and broadening the scope of possibilities. As new information becomes available, patients can help in their wellness decisions.

This blog and its information shared in no way replaces sound medical care from professional caregivers. An informed patient is a best patient.

A few guidelines which may change as a need arises: Soliciting, selling of products, or medical diagnoses or advice specific to a post are all inappropriate uses of this blog. The right to remove inappropriate comments or posts is the responsibility of the blog creator.

Other than the no-no items described, share your questions, what you have learned, what you need or want to know, and any information you feel might be helpful to others in their quest for understanding.

Thank you for reading the introduction, enjoy your journey to patient responsibility ~ Cherri Brown 06/30/12


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